Silver Shaft

Silver Shaft

Silver Shaft is made from 304 Stainless Steel, it is not only strong, but we also add new feature on it, which is Flange Disc at the middle of the shaft. The Flange Disc is perpendicular to the shaft and it have wider contact area to the core.

When we moving the lever handle to execute movement, the shaft also doing radial movement (left, right forward, backward), but the tension from the silicone is created by axial (up and down) movement when the core is tilting. The Flange Disc will help to transform the radial movement form the shaft into axial (down) force on the core, this will create spontaneous tension and feedback for the user.

We got several request from GL user for bigger shaft than 10mm, since Silver Shaft we use bigger material, now we also can provide bigger shaft diameter. Big Shaft will benefit player who want to have shorter throw, especially for 2D Fighting Games and Japan Setup.

Don't worry, Silver Shaft is not replacing Golden Shaft. EVO and TWT 2018 was won using Golden Shaft, we will keep providing Golden Shaft so everyone can try.

update abour "S" model, please read about ALU Shaft Blog