GL Bushing Ring

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To mount Bearing Actuator into the Golden Shaft, you will need to put the Bearing Actuator between GL busing and Ring, and Installed it with correct orientation (thick brass side with "Golden Bearing Actuator" marking facing to the E-clip)

  • Golden Bushing made from Brass. Weight around 9 grams
  • Silver Bushing made from Aluminium. Weight around 3 grams
  • White Bushing made from POM Plastic. Weight around 1 gram

This new Bushing and Ring will put the actuator to the middle of the switch. purpose is to make actuation smoother and avoid bearing jammed by the e-clip. shorter Actuator have less radius, so maybe you will need to compensate it using 0,5mm bigger bearing actuator, or set the switch spacing 0,5 closer.