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Build the Ultimate Controller

We put our 10 years experience making Fighting Games Case into this project, we listen to FGC for their requests, we innovate to offer new way to help you build your own perfect controller.

Material : Frame made from CNC machined 8mm (5/16") POM (polyacetal) Sheet is no joke, it have excellence strength, weight, and durability. Covered with 3mm (1/8") Acrylic for beautiful finish.

To put Artwork, please get Clear Acrylic Cover). Most people hands will sweat under stress, so we use 304SS material for all fasteners, it is strong and doesn't rust.

Special design Anti-Slip pad. 99% users plays on lap, and we created a solution that will giving you the most comfortable experience.

Easy to Open case, as a FG controller enthusiast we always want to get easy and wide access to the inside, whether it is for tuning, moding, or maintenance.

Build in Handles. This is not pocket size device, and having handles really makes it easier to carry. The handles holes also can be function as a temporary compartment for your mobile phone and wallets when playing. You can also hook carabiner to the case.

The "Iris" tech is very adaptive, it enable you to rotate the Lever and WASD to find your most comfortable angle. When you find your perfect angle, you will be amazed how much it can help your executions.
Iris also enable simple swap between 24mm plate (Japan standard), 35mm plate (Korean standard), and Iris WASD (sold Separately with PCB).

VS1 edition (2021) have modular "Layout Cover", so user can easily swap between layout and put Artwork A4 size. Additional Layout Cover available in Clear (for artwork), Black, and White.

100% exact copy of NOIR Japan cabinet panel Layout (6 main buttons layout). Support extra move buttons layout that can be turn off if some tournament restrict it. Some tournament allow extra move buttons as long as the PCB have SOCD cleaner, and brook PCB support 2 type of SOCD cleaner. Versus case can switch easily between this 2 method from on-off button on the side (but the controller require to disconnect first).
Extra+ Layout is the default layout, you can order additional Layout Cover like Generic, Standard, Extra with “+” and “+ TU” variants.

Support all standard Fight Stick Parts:
Sanwa JLF mount
30mm Arcade buttons (snap in type)*
24mm Arcade buttons (snap in type)*
Standard PCB mounting
Standard Neutrix holes on Left, Right, and Front panel)

*crown 202 screw in can be installed by flipping the screw ring

Size: approx 450mm (18") X 235mm (9.5") X 75mm (3")
Weight : approx 3.5kg (7.5lbs) for empty case

This Cases are custom made at our small workshop, we don't have state of the art high tech machine, so our production capacity is low (only +- 5 set/week). But we are passionate about this niche product, and we do it with a lot of love.

Template :
VS1R Full Artwork A3+ paper 

VS1 (early 2021) Full Artwork A3+ paper 

VScase (2020) A3+paper

VS1 Layout Cover A4 paper

Wiring guide