Golden Bearing

  • セール
  • 通常価格 $7.25

Bearing as an actuator will eliminate radial friction to the switch , resulting smooth feels for circular movement.

  • Biger Diameter = More Input Sensitive
  • Smaller Diameter = Less Input Sensitive

To Install Bearing Actuator into the Golden Shaft, you will need GL Bushing Ring (already included in Golden Lever)

Please install Golden Bearing at correct orientation :

  • Old model, thick brass with "Golden Bearing Actuator" marking side facing to Bushing, so the shaft clip can be snap and remove easily.
  • New model Bushing and Ring, thick brass side facing to e-clip. you should see the "Golden Bearing Actuator" marking on correct installation

Metal actuator will last longer compare to plastic actuator. To keep the performance smooth we recommend to apply small amount of grease on the outer diameter to reduce friction with the switch hinge/blade.