Golden Lever

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"The best lever is the one that configured to your preferences"

Golden Lever and parts work as a system, you can get millions of combinations and build your own setup that perfect for your play-style.

We need starting point for our journey in lever moding and tuning, so we provide few GL setups for you:

Standard setup : Good for Korean play-style, have circular restrictor, medium tension, medium throw, and medium sensitivity. This setup for Korean lever fans.

Japanese setup :Good for Japanese play-style, have square restrictor, low tension, short throw, medium sensitivity. This setup perfect for Japanese Lever fans.

Hybrid setup : combination of Korean and Japan play-style, have octagonal restrictor, medium tension, medium-long throw, medium sensitivity. This setup is for you who need precise cardinals and diagonals input.

Korean setup: it have Full Collar restrictor, medium tension, Long throw, medium sensitivity. This setup is for you who want the full experience of Korean Lever. You will need 35mm lever hole to install this setup.

      Conversion cable included in package for every GL setup. 

      Gold-Black Variant only different on Battop Handle color, performance is the same.

      Golden Lever (Except the Korean setup*) can be installed in almost any Fight stick in the market without modification, like Panthera, Omni, TE2, Hori RAP-RAPN, Hori Alpha, Fighting Edge, VLX, Obsidian, Dragon, Victrix, Daija, Razer Evo.

      *Full Collar need 35mm diameter lever hole to install (VScase and Omni Fight Stick Korean Edition)

      *Golden Lever is the only korean lever that can be installed on NOIR Arcade Cabinet (it was used by Team LowHigh on Grand Final Mastercup 2019) thanks to @blankaex for making this possible.

      Installation Tutorial

      Golden Lever Manual
      English PDF
      Japanese PDF