About Shipping
  • Do you ship worldwide ?
    • Yes, we use DHL to ship worldwide
  • How much the shipping cost ?
    • It will be depends on the weigh/volume of the package and the destination. Shopping chart will calculate it automatically.
  • Do you offer currier other than DHL ?
    • No, unfortunately for now only HDL have shipping module for webstore in Indoneisa.
  • How long the package will arrived ?
    • About a week, we ship the package next day after receiving order (mon-friday). but in some country Custom Process can delay the delivery.
    • DHL tracking is pretty reliable, you can use your tracking number to estimate the delivery of your package.

About Golden Lever

  • Why It is always "Sold Out" ?
    • This is custom product, and I personally build and tune every GL. So it will take some time to restock. 
  • When the next Restock ?
    • We usually have restock every month, please follow our tweeter @goldenlever. We will tweet every time we about to update the stock.
  • Can it be installed in my fight stick ?
    • the New GL standard edition can be installed in almost all standard Fight Stick in the market like Quanba, Hori, Razer, Victrix, Daija, and also custom case, as long as it have compatible sanwa JLF mounting and minimal 40mm height clearance.
    • Mini fight stick is not supported because don't have enough height clearance inside the case.
    • If you already have 35mm hole for the lever like Omni Korea Edition, you can use Full Collar.

    About Golden Parts

    • Do we need to lubricate our parts ?
      • You don't need to lubricate the plastic parts. But if you use metal parts (like metal bushing and actuator) it will need lubrication to minimize friction and avoid squawking noise.
    • Can Golden Collar installed on Taeyong ? 
      • No, Unfortunately Taeyong have different profile for collar.
    • Why Crown Parts is missing ?
      • We focus more on Golden Lever system, we want to provide more parts and keep the compatibility with Golden Lever.
    • Can we use Golden parts on Myungshin ?
      • Yes, Basically Golden Lever was a Golden Fanta (myungshin), so many Golden Parts compatible with Fanta lever especially Myungshin.