Golden Lever

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Golden Lever is the Final of Golden Project, we put all the Golden Project best tech in it, and Yes you can customize it using Golden Parts 

Golden Lever Spec:

  • Golden Ring Handle (GL exclusive) 
    • Golden Battop for Standard and Full Collar Setup
    • Golden Balltop for Japan Setup
  • Golden Shaft  
    • 8mm for Full Collar
    • 8.5mm for Standard Setup
    • 9mm for Hybrid Setup
    • 10mm for Japan Setup
  • GL Core
    • White Core for Standard, Japan, and Hybrid Setup
    • Black Core for Full Collar Setup
  • ASI Silicone Grommet
    • Blue 50A Medium tension for Standard and Full Collar
    • Turquoise 45A Medium-Light for Hybrid setup 
    • Light Green 35A Extra Light for Japan setup
  • White Bushing+Ring (spare included)
    • Silver for Japanese setup
    • Gold for Standard, Full, and Hybrid setup
  • Bearing Actuator
    • 16mm Black Bearing For Standard, Full Collar, and Hybrid setup
    • 15.5mm Black Bearing For Japan Setup
  • Golden Collar
    • Circular Half collar for Standard Setup
    • Circular Full collar for Full Collar Setup
    • Octagonal low collar for Hybrid Setup
    • Square Low collar for Japanese Setup
  • Golden Plate 
  • Golden Base (7pcs switch spacer included),
    • 15.5mm switch spacing for Standard, Full Collar, and Japan setup
    • 16mm switch spacing for Hybrid Setup
  • Omron Microswitch
    • V-152-1A6 (400gf) tension for Standard, Full Collar, and Hybrid Setup 
    • V-152-1A5 (200gf) tension for Japan Setup 

    Silver-Black Variant use Silver Shaft and silver-black battop.

    Standard low collar Golden Lever can be installed in almost any Fight stick in the market without modification, like Panthera, Omni, TE2, Hori RAP-RAPN, Fighting Edge, VLX, Obsidian, Dragon.
    this New GL will also compatible for Victrix, Daija, Razer Evo.

    Full Collar Golden Lever need 35mm diameter lever hole to install (best for Omni Fight Stick Korean Edition)

    *Golden Lever is the only korean lever that can be installed on NOIR Arcade Cabinet (currently installed on Sugamo arcade Japan) thanks to @blankaex for making this possible.

    Golden Lever Manual
    English PDF
    Japanese PDF