Golden Shaft

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For Golden Lever and Myungshin/Taeyong Fanta. Made from brass and can develop patina over time, and Brass is naturally antibacterial material.

available in some sizes:

  • Biger Size diameter = Shorter Throw
  • Smaller Size Diameter = Deeper Throw

Golden Dustwasher (medium size) and Clip Included for every shaft purchase.
Golden Shaft have 6mm thread, compatible with many sanwa batt-top and ball-top.

FYI : Default K-lever (Crown, Myungshin, Taeyong) using 9mm shaft.
Green Arcade Lever Shaft is 7mm.

Preferred by Tekken | LowHigh, Rangchu, Ulsan, and many more.

Issue about snapping Golden Shaft only occur on "bad batch" in Mid October 2018, before and after it are good. As you can notice that many players still using Golden Shaft for years, traveling around the world, and wins major tournaments.
But be careful, if you drop/slam your controller and hit the handle first, it can damage the golden shaft. If you want the strongest shaft we suggest to use Silver Shaft.